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Simplify your census analysis with our user-friendly interface, regardless of your skill level. Discover key demographic, economic, and social insights and transform raw data into actionable visualizations for smarter decision-making.


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Unlock the power of census data

Our powerful tools allow you to easily navigate census data and uncover valuable insights. DemographIQ is your one-stop-shop for all your demographic data needs.

Site reports
Generate demographic ring-radius reports for any location in the United States. Our reports are easy to read and understand, and are designed to help you make informed decisions.
Site finder
Explore new territories with our Site Finder tool. Filter through an extensive array of demographic data to identify regions that align with your strategic goals, whether for marketing, expansion, or research.
Site lookalikes
Find new locations with demographics that mirror your successful sites. Our 'Site Lookalikes' feature analyzes your address list to identify similar areas based on your demographic preferences.

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Enterprises with high-volume reporting needs and custom requirements.

Does your organization require direct API access, integration with your existing systems, or higher volume reporting? We offer custom enterprise solutions to meet your unique needs.


Frequently asked questions

From where do you source your data?

Our data comes directly from the US Census Bureau.

Do you provide documentation on your data?

Yes, we fully document all of our data so you know exactly what you're working with.

I don't know much about market analysis or census data. Is this tool for me?

This tool is designed for users of all skill levels, enabling beginners and power analysts alike to derive meaningful data-driven insights.

How often is the census data updated?

We retrieve our information directly from the Census Bureau, which updates its datasets on various schedules. Our data will remain current with all Census updates, whether daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or otherwise.

Is there a cost to use the app? Are there different pricing plans?

Yes, we offer various pricing plans to enable individual customers and large enterprises budget-friendly access to our advanced analysis toolset.

What types of data visualization options are available?

We currently visualize census data on interactive maps and detailed data tables that you can export.

How do I search for specific demographic, economic, or social data?

Our intuitive interface is designed to make data discovery a breeze, no matter how nuanced your query.

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